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Wollongong's most trusted and reliable kitchen renovation solutions for more than 12 years.

Kitchen Renovations Wollongong is a team that you can rely on when it comes to kitchen renovation services. We offer professional and expert designs, cabinetry supplies, benchtops for your New South Wales kitchens!

When renovating or designing new homes in the area we know how important functionality, as well as aesthetics, are. We have many years of experience working with various different homeowners from all walks of life so be sure to contact us today if you need any help planning out these two essential features together in one space.

There’s something so gratifying about cooking in your own kitchen and hosting guests for dinner but it can be difficult to find time to do anything else. When you need a contractor who is committed as much as you are, give us at Kitchen Design an opportunity! Whether it’s renovating or building from scratch we have the experience with over ten years worth of knowledge under our belt that will make sure everything goes smoothly through every stage until completion.

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Expert Kitchen Renovation Services

Renovating your kitchen this year? Let Wollongong Kitchen Renovations take care of the dirty work. Our team is experienced and trained in all facets of landscaping, so we’ll have everything you need to create a beautiful outdoor space that complements both inside – without going bankrupt doing it! We’re experts at finding solutions for any budget constraints or structural requirements set by our customers because customer satisfaction means developing designs around specific preferences and budgetary limitations while delivering visually appealing results at an affordable price point. The design process varies depending on what’s been decided upon during consultation with clients like yourself but will provide options according to functional needs as well as personal preference.


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We provide Top-notch Kitchen Renovation solutions at competitive rates

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100% Customer Satisfaction

Our builders are always focused on your needs, delivering the best quality workmanship and service. We have provided our top services to many homes and businesses of all sizes across New South Wales. As a result, we have satisfied countless clients with renovated outdoor living areas that they can enjoy for years to come!

Our team has completed successful kitchen renovations by focusing on meeting each client’s individual requirements so no one goes without what he/she deserves from us- the perfect balance between functionality, utility, style preference etc.

Our guarantees

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We have a team of competent builders

Kitchen Renovations Wollongong is a locally owned and operated company that have been providing customers with the highest quality standards. Whether it be for residential or commercial property, they will help create your perfect kitchen area by offering you an opportunity to work closely with our team of designers and builders who are always ready to take on any project from cabinets to benchtops that meet your personal needs!

A unique design that perfectly solves all of your needs: it’s what our company is about. We offer complete renovations from start to finish, so if you need anything done in between the two contact us today because no job is too big or small!

Wollongong Kitchen Renovations - Areas We Serve

Many people struggle to find a reliable kitchen renovation service when they need one. If this has been your difficulty, then we want you to know that our company is here for all of your needs! The best renovators in Wollongong? Contact us today and get started on transforming yours instantly! We serve these suburbs:

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With Kitchen Renovations Wollongong, you can achieve a brand new look for your kitchen without needing to completely remodel. As an affordable and high-quality option, our amazing "kitchen facelifts" are the perfect way to refresh your space with minimal disruption in only four steps!

Free Design Consultation

One of our specialist Kitchen Designers will work with you to help design your kitchen and let you know what is possible in your timeline and budget. Our specialists can consult on any type of small or large space, including kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms etc., so no matter the room size we have a plan for it!


To create a beautiful room that you love every day, we will provide the perfect site measure. We want to make sure everything fits just right before we start so there are no surprises along the way!


Your kitchen will be custom made to measure by local manufacturers using Australian Made High Moisture Resistant materials that guarantees a cool, dry space.


Your dream kitchen is professionally installed, on time and under budget. You can enjoy a stress-free experience with the help of our experienced contractors who will work quickly to get your project completed as soon as possible.


You don’t need to be an architect or engineer, just tell us what you want and we will give it our best shot. We are willing to take a chance on your crazy idea so long as there is potential for success- that's why some of the most interesting designs have come from small businesses like yours!


Kitchen Renovation Wollongong crafts kitchens that are custom made to fit your every need. With a host of different design options, we can build the perfect kitchen for you and all of your culinary desires!


When it comes to designing a kitchen there are many factors that need consideration. Not every design is perfect for everyone’s tastes, needs and lifestyle. Thankfully the team at Creative Kitchens Illawarra will take care of everything from beginning to end so you can get back to what matters most - cooking up delicious meals with family!


We are always looking for ways to improve the quality of our kitchens and have achieved some great innovations that allow us to do just this. Our dedication has been rewarded with clients from around the Australian.


Our goal is to create the perfect kitchen for you and your family. To do this, our skilled team of plumbers, electricians, and builders work together in order to finish projects quickly so that we can provide you with quality service at a fair price.

Holistic Kitchen Renovation Services

When renovating your kitchen, having things installed once and properly done right away saves time and money later down the line when they might break again due to improper installation techniques which lead back to hiring someone else out again costing more money.

We treat your home like it’s our own during the renovations. We clean, organize and finish with as little disruption possible to you and your daily routines.

Kitchen Renovations Wollongong will work with you to create a new kitchen that matches your specific needs and preferences. We’ll install the appliance, provide electrical services for any additional appliances, make sure everything is up-to-code, installed securely and fit neatly into place without sacrificing all of your storage space in one go!

Our Kitchen Renovations and Kitchen Design Services Include:

  • Tailored Design
  • Supply of All Materials
  • Professional Installation
  • Sink, Tapware and Water Filtration Systems
  • Stone Tops
  • Appliances – including; Ovens, Cooktops, Range hoods, Microwaves, Dishwashers
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Tiles and Tiling
  • Vinyl Plank Flooring
  • Glass Splashbacks
  • Paint and Patching
  • Absolutely everything you need from start to finish.

Our Happy Clients

Kitchen Renovations Wollongong Testimonials

After renovating our kitchen, we finally have a place to cook and eat in. We're very pleased with the work that you did for us and will be sure to recommend your services!
Monica G
After renovating our kitchen, we finally have a place to cook and eat in. We're very pleased with the work that you did for us and will be sure to recommend your services!
Phoebe B
We are so happy with the work that Charles and I have done, we can't wait to tell everyone about it! The kitchen is gorgeous!!
Joey T

More About Our Services

The No. 1 Kitchen Renovation Service in Wollongong

No matter how modest or grand your home is, the kitchen will always be the heart of the house. This is where you can bond with family over a home-cooked meal, get-togethers with friends and show them signature dishes that only you know about. With this in mind, it makes sense to invest in an amazing design for your new dream kitchen!

What if you had a kitchen idea that was perfect, but one detail just doesn’t suit your taste? What do you prefer: to settle for something less than ideal or get it the way YOU want – with expert help from Wollongong Kitchen Renovation. Our experts can make your dream kitchen a reality. We, at Wollongong Kitchen Renovation, always love to take the opportunity and come up with a new look for your kitchen. To achieve this our team is there to assist you with all your remodelling needs including designing and cabinet requirements so that we can give you what YOU want from YOUR KITCHEN!

Expert Kitchen Fitting

Planning to do your own kitchen fittings? Before you start, here are some things that might help. When it comes to fitting a new kitchen or renovating an old one, there is more than meets the eye and many pitfalls await the amateur who steps into this domain without adequate knowledge of what they’re doing. For example- deciding on appliances for drawers can be tricky because if not done right will make your drawer space unusable while another option could work brilliantly by creating valuable storage at hand’s reach.

Kitchen Tiling and Plastering

The kitchen tiles can be the most overlooked aspect of your design, but they’re also one of the easiest things to customize. The installation process may seem like a daunting task at first glance as it has three components: adhesive, grout and tile. However, with some preparation on your part, you’ll find that this project is actually quite manageable!

Kitchen Painting and Decorating

The kitchen is the heart of any home. It’s where we spend most of our time, so it needs to be a place that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing if you want your guests to feel at ease when they come over for dinner or an afternoon snack. Painting your walls can have more than just cosmetic effects; different paints will change how light reflects in each room, making them seem brighter or darker depending on what tone suitably matches the overall theme for that space. But paint isn’t just about aesthetics: The texture adds depth while also preventing dings from happening as easily thanks to its increased surface area compared with bare wallboards alone!


Most frequent questions and answers

The cost of a kitchen renovation really depends on the size, design complexity, fixtures and accessories needed. For example: If you’re planning to install new floors or cabinets then budget $9 – 12 per square foot for labor only; that’s before any materials are ordered.

Kitchen remodels can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to know whether or not you’ll need a permit for your project. While some changes in the kitchen require permits, such as major electrical and plumbing upgrades – most aesthetic renovations do not! For example building cabinets, installing bench tops, changing the paint on your wall (or any other painting), fitting new tiles into old spaces that are already tiled; refacing work surfaces with materials like marble countertops or laminates; even replacing appliances without breaking walls will all fall under this category.

At the risk of sounding elusive, we really must say that “it depends.” The scope of a kitchen remodeling project dictates how long it will take. For example, if you are removing walls to open up the room or adding them in order to make space for more appliances like ovens and dishwashers, which is very common now; actual construction time can vary depending on what needs doing. However, building department permits may add extra time as well since they’re necessary when making these changes.

Getting your home remodelled can be a rewarding experience. The first thing you need to do is get an idea of the type of look and style you want. If this isn’t clear, check out some magazines or websites that have examples of designs in different styles or watch some home improvement shows on TV for inspiration! Then contact us at Kitchen Remodelling Wollongong so we can schedule a free design consultation with one of our Remodeling Consultants who will walk through every step needed before construction begins; however, there are specific steps generally speaking: before work starts make sure everything personal has been removed from the area being worked on (although it’s covered by plastic), and lastly, remove any furniture near where walls may be cut down.

You might think that it’s not such a big deal to set up your kitchen according to what you want, but doing so has more consequences than just making sure the dishes can fit in. Having an appropriate layout for your household needs is important as well- future changes or renovations won’t be hard if there’s no dramatic change of style and neutral tones are chosen. The professionally planned ventilation system will also make living around the kitchen easier because other people can still cook while you’re cooking without having trouble breathing due to smoke from all those spices!

Many people may actually make a profit on the money they invest in their kitchen. This is because, nationally, it’s returned an average of between 84.8% and 98%, depending upon whether it was a major or minor project as well as upscale vs moderate budgeting; however large metropolitan areas like Melbourne and other major Australian cities received returns ranging from 119.5%-135%.

Of course, re-facing is less expensive than replacing cabinets – but it can cause problems. If you are planning to replace doors and drawer fronts you’ll also need to make sure the front face of your cabinet frame matches once replaced. Problems usually occur during re-facing when a laminate shifts or peels away revealing an unattractive seam near the top of the door or visible part on their side panel below that area in plain sight if not disguised well enough for aesthetics with paint/stain finishes.

So why not upgrade to completely new cabinets? New cabinet doors are expensive, but they can be worth it. The most costly part of a refacing project is the door – even more than 70% of total costs! So if you’re already paying for half the cost or so in other parts (sides and shelves), consider investing that extra bit into getting all-new cabinetry with fresh hardware and finishes.

There are many options available in cabinets for every budget. It is a good idea to make the best decision possible before committing time, money and effort into remodelling. At Wollongong Kitchen Renovations, we provide re-facing services because it can be an attractive option on occasion but most often not the best solution for homeowners. Re-facing requires very little labour so it’s lucrative as well which makes sense from both sides of the business perspective – however, you need to keep in mind that there may also be other better solutions out there worth exploring too!

With all of the work that goes into a kitchen renovation, it’s important to clear out some space for storing your dishes and cooking before you start. You’ll likely need other areas in or near your home while working on this project- consider creating temporary storage solutions like renting an extra fridge as well!

Here at Wollongong Kitchen Renovations, our line is always open for questions and inquiries. Call us at (02) 4210 5058 or send us an email at [email protected] so that one of our friendly representatives can attend to your queries.